$1,399 Includes Equipment & Installation
2 Wi-Fi Cameras, 256MB SD Cards, up to 2 Access Points
Includes Interactive App, Analytic Notifications, etc.
Onboarding Recording (with Smart View) Roughly 15 days of recorded video, 3000 clip storage per month
$34.99/Month Plus Tax
1 Year Service Contract Term

* Camera locations will vary due to power restrictions.

Additional Equipment Available

Upgrade to 512MB SD Card - $50 each
​(Double the length of recorded video)
Add 3rd Wireless Outdoor Camera - $425.00
Add 1 Wireless Indoor Camera - $275.00
Add 1 Doorbell Camera - $395.00
Add Alarm System – Requires Consultation
Hard-Wired Cameras - Requires Consultation


I don’t want a pushy sales call or visit like you get from calling one of the big national providers.

No Hassle, No Obligation

Our visit is a free no obligation in-home consultation with one of our Security Professionals to make sure you are comfortable with what you are getting, camera locations, and how it will work.  This is a consultation/education appointment, not a sales call.  Foss is looking to create a win/win relationship that extends for years, not a monthly sales statistic.

I don’t want or like monthly fees.

Nobody Likes Another Monthly Fee

Nobody likes another monthly fee, but this business model actually has multiple benefits for the customer

  •  It’s not a one-time sale, so our company needs to keep you happy or risk losing a customer.  This protects you from not getting any service or attention once the initial sale is done, like most products.
  • Foss subsidizes the upfront cost, with the hope that you keep the service and become a customer for life.  The risk and investment is shared by both parties.
  • The business has reinvestment revenue to continually updates its platform and services to align with new technology, securing your investment for the future.
  • This is not a product business, but a service business.  For a product business to succeed, they need to keep selling you new products, which takes any incentive away from making your initial investment last into the future or spend any of their resources to keep it working with the latest iPhone, Android, or PC.  A service business needs to continue to perform for you day after day and is incentivized by keeping you happy forever.  For as fast as technology products change, you are much better on the service side of this equation.
  • The monthly service is actually really small for what you get and might be the best bang for your buck you spend all month!
I am not good with technology, so I won’t know how to use it.

User Friendly

The system is very easy to use and is set up by our professional technicians, so all you need to do is enjoy the benefits.  A lot of the system is notification based, so there isn’t much for you to do other than look at the notifications or bring up live video to see what is going on, which is as easy as bringing up any app.

We also have a 30-day call back consultation to make sure things are working and if you have any questions.  We can adjust settings for you remotely and answer a few questions you might have once you have lived with the system for a while.

The bottom line, if you don’t use the system or gain any benefit, you won’t maintain the service.

Why don’t I buy from a national provider or big internet company?

Locally Owned and Operated

This is actually a very easy answer for people in our area.  We hate having a question and calling a 1-800 number into a call center located who knows where and trying to get any individual attention, but other than us having a local 605 number and office in Sioux Falls, there are a few other benefits.

  • Everyone talks about customer service, but if you have a business in South Dakota you realize, everybody knows everybody.  If you don’t take care of your customers, you won’t have a business here.
  • We have products from entry level packages to very high-end hard-wired 12mp PTZ solutions.  We also do both commercial and residential.  If you want a custom solution built for your home or business, we have tons of options.  We are trying to provide you with the best solution, not trying to fit your situation into one product line.
  • If you need someone to come to your home for a service or another sales visit, we are right down the street.
  • Local businesses hire local people and your money stays in the local communities.
Why Foss?

Locally Owned and Operated

  • Local Sioux Falls company with over 50 years of experience protecting Sioux Falls residents and businesses.
  • FOSS has the most positive Google reviews in the local area and also voted Sioux Falls Local Best
  • Core Values:

Safety: We are dedicated to providing solutions that ensure the safety of our customers and their property.

Reliability: Customers need to be able to trust that their security systems will work when they need them to.

Customer Experience:  We are committed to delivering high-quality products and services that meet the needs and expectations of our customers.  We will strive to create a positive and seamless experience at every touchpoint, from the initial sales process, installation, to ongoing support and maintenance.

Professionalism:  We are committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical and legal conduct. We believe in treating all our customers with respect and integrity. We are dedicated to delivering a professional appearance and demeanor in all our business interactions.

Schedule A Consultation

Get a personalized, no-pressure consultation with our Security Professionals. At Foss, we focus on long-term relationships, not just sales. 

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